I used to post on Livejournal, then I took an arrow in the knee.
Okay, so Skyrim has engulfed my life. Seriously. That's all I have been doing since I got home haha. Well, going to keep this thing going since it did help on the days that I typed.

Got up at 2 today which is pretty lulzy. That's when I fired up Skyrim. My main character is you generic warrior with a two-handed sword and heavy armor. My secondary character is a pure mage. Thinking about starting another one that will be a thief/assassin type idk. Played for a few hours and killed some dragons aww yeah. Got a call from a friend Sara at around 6 or so telling me to go hang. Went over to her new place. Turns out they turned the basement into a bar/band room which is pretty cool. Sara, her girlfriend Gracie and their other friends were obviously drunk. Since I had to drive home I tried to convince them that I shouldn't drink but I ended up having a shot of brandy to silence their pleads. Since there is never anything to do, we went to Savemart later to get some snacks. Got back and we watched Airplane 2 and Spaceballs. Decided it was getting late and went home. And here I am.

Big entry tomorrow so keep a look out you guys (and by you guys I mean you Justin :P)


Oh finals, why must you consume my life?
Ohohoh, looks like I failed to keep my promise. Oh well, it's not like anything has really happened. Will start again with regular updates once I am done with finals.

Oh Skyrim, how I look forward to playing you!

Fifth Entry: Requiem
Missed making an update yesterday because I ended up falling asleep a lot earlier than anticipated. Anyway, on with the entry!

Woke up at 7, deiced to go back to sleep and got up at 11 (uuuuuugghhh). Spent the next few hours doing absolutely nothing, it was incredible. Went to class at 1; the TA was being boring and was babying us. I know how to take a final exam, I've been going to school for almost 3 years now lady. Got my essay back, got an A on it. Felt like a boss. Came back to my apartment and did absolutely nothing again (double uuugghhh). Had a muffin for lunch because I can. Went to class at 3:30, almost fell asleeeeep. Talked to my professor and it looks like we have homework due Friday... yet we don't have class on Friday. What a predicament. Went to the atm to get money for rent and I ran into my friend Robert. Chatted a bit before we parted ways. Got back home at around 5 or so and I see Keegan sleeping on the couch. I try to be quiet but I end up waking him up. I felt adventurous and decided to make some quinoa even though I've never made it before nor have I even tried it. Came out fairly well. Keegan felt like eating out, so I accompanied him to keep him company. We ended up arguing over the findings of some stupid study. Had to deal with adolescents and why they participate in risky behavior. The study said it was due to them valuing the goals more (which I found to be bs), I argued that it had to with friends. Got back home at 7:30. Decided to do some reading for my poli sci class. Chapter was on the environment and it was fairly interesting. Then once again, I found myself doing nothing for the next few hours... up until now actually. Jeez, I need to do more things. A boring entry? Yeah, but whatever. I'll make them more interesting during winter break as that is when I'll be recapping my life. Whoopie.

PS. Metalucifer, ridiculous as fuck but fucking amazing. Dem japanese peeps be crazy.

Fourth Entry

Finally back at school. I enjoyed my stay at home but there is never anything to do. My friend Sara got a new apartment, but she doesn't have electricity and other utilities yet, so we just chilled in the dark and lit up a fire in the fireplace. Faustino was a jerk as always and didn't even respond to me -- whatever, I wonder why I even bother with him sometimes. It was pretty nice seeing my folks though, plus tasty food was tasty.

As far as today goes, nothing exciting really. Only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Car ride back to school was 3 1/2 hours but I wasn't able to fall asleep on the way back. Got to my apartment at around 10 AM. Cameron and Wayne were already back but they were asleep. I check my mail and lo and behold, Dwellings finally came in the mail! I opened up the package and found a bunch of goodies: a hoodie, a shirt, a signed poster, the Dwellings CD, 2 Cormorant logo stickers, 1 Dwellings sticker, and a personalized post card. Before I could set out to enjoy the album though I set-up my new chair because my old one was causing me some back problems. Built that sob in about 10 minutes and felt pretty accomplished. Made myself an egg & cheese sandwich and that was pretty tasty. Went to my room and I opened up the digi-pack CD and what do I find? My name on the linear notes of the booklet! Listened to the album twice in a row. From about 12-4 I worked on my philosophy paper and got a good chunk done -- 3 pages or something like that. Keegan came back at around 4 or so. We hung out for a bit, asked him what he did for Thanksgiving, etc. Pretty enjoyable. Went back to work at 5 and worked on my essay for a bit more. I called up Zhenya to see if he would give me a massage because my back was killing me but he said he was busy. Started cooking dinner at around 6 or so; ate at 7 with Wayne and Keegan. We had some leftovers of what my mom made and it was tastyyyyyy. Came back to my room and worked on my essay some more up until 10. Kinda blanked out and started to get sleepy, so I decided to do this before I went to bed. Now that I finished my entry, it's beddy-bye time for me. Night.

Third Entry
I'll keep it short this time because I'm heading home soon.

Woke up at 10 AM today and went to class at 11. Lecture was pretty empty: roughly 200 people out of 800. Came back at 12 PM or so and just browsed the interwebs for a while. Keegan told me he had some canned chile so we ate that for lunch. Took a reeeaaally long shower and it was pretty awesome. At around 4 or so Cameron and Wayne left to go home. Spent the next 2 hours or so with Keegan just talking about various subjects. Keegan left at 6:30 or so. Been packing up until now (7 or so). Waiting for my dad to get here so I can go home. It's going to be a loooooong drive.

Have a good Turkey Day!

Second Entry
A bit of a late entry but I'm sticking with the format.

Set my alarm for 6 AM; although I woke up and turned it off, I ended up falling back asleep (I need to stop doing that). Got up at 10 AM and remembered I had homework due for my stats class. I soon realized I had no clue how to do the homework as I haven't gone to lecture in 2 weeks (yeah I know), so I spent the next 4 hours trying to figure out how to do it. I figured it out by 2 but by then I had already missed my anthropology discussion. Went down stairs and made myself some oatmeal since that's all we have to eat (really really really need to buy groceries). Spent the next 2 hours actually doing my homework. By the time 4 came around, I went to drop off my notes that were due for anthology in my TA's box; soon after I went to to my stats class (which I was late to mind you). Was only around for 20 minutes before class ended and turned in my homework. Came back home and checked the mail, hoping that Dwellings came in -- nothing. Played some Diablo 2 up until about 7 or so. After that I made me some ramen (yum -- not really). Keegan came down and had the same thing. We talked about math and tried to recite the alphabet backward. Spent most of the rest of the night finishing up Act IV of Diablo 2. Finally got up to Diablo but he just tore my apart. Both my skeletons and my golem were killed in like 2-3 hits. Took a break at 10 or so and went to go grab some food with Cameron. We both got some burritos at Super Cucas and they were both huge and delicious. Came back at 11 and saw some youtube videos with Cameron and Keegan. They were some black guy/someone talking in a ghetto black voice making commentary on animals, it was pretty damn hilarious: "Pow pow kill nigga 12 12 nigga 12!" Went to my room and spent the next 3 hours killing Diablo. What a fucking challenge. I died 94 times but I was finally able to bring him down.

I'm going back home tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with Sara and Faustino, but she's always working and Faust-Faust is a douche. Oh well. Looking forward to my mom's cooking the most. Shit's gonna be tasty.

It's almost 3 AM so I'm going beddy-bye time. Oh and the new Antideluvian album is killer.

Introduction & First Entry
I feel like I am a tad bit too old for this (or got into it too late perhaps) but I think keeping a journal of my day-to-day experiences might be helpful for mental health. Figured that if I'm going to be typing this out I might as well post it on the internet. As such this isn't really meant to be broadcast the entire world, but I figured that there might be a person or two that might want to read up on this, so I don't know. You can keep updated if you wish.

Since this is my first post and all, I figure I might as well write an introduction. My name is Raul and I am 20 years old. I am a third-year Political Science and Philosophy double major at UC Santa Barbara. I am planning on going to law school after a graduate and become an attorney as a career. I hope to get involved in politics later in my life. I am gay and proud of it, although it tends to be a sensitive issue for me. I am an agnostic atheist and I firmly believe in promoting skepticism and education. My favorite genre of music is metal, specifically death metal, black metal, and traditional metal, although I do like other genres of music as well. Some people think I am pessimistic but I tend to see myself as an optimist. I am currently trying to get into shape and have made some progress. I am single and have been single for years; I don't see that changing anytime soon. That's all I really have to say about that.

I was unable to fall asleep last night -- probably because I ate too late. Got up at 6 AM and decided to finish up my cultural anthropology essay. After I finished that I played some Pokemon via the Pokemon Online client against some people. I still have a hard time figuring out fifth gen, hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of it soon. Went to class at 11 to turn in my essay: had a hard time staying awake. Came back to my room and played some Diablo II. I beat Mephisto today and that was pretty exciting. I am currently playing as a Necromancer. At 2 PM I went to my philosophy class. My professor went over some argument that I really didn't understand too well, I'll have to ask him about the premises. An interesting thing I learned though was the Modal Ontological Argument for the Existence of God, which I found to be pretty ridiculous. "1. It is logically possible that a necessary being exists. 2. It is the case that the necessary being exists." Amused by the argument, when I went back to my apartment after class I wanted to share it with my roommate Keegan. He was being grumpy though and didn't want to hear it. I got somewhat mad at him for not paying attention. I made myself a turkey and pepper jack bagel because I was hungry. We need to go buy groceries. At 3:30 I went to my International Political Econ class. My professor talked about the final a bit. It made me slightly nervous but we'll be getting the essay questions in advanced (four of them to be exact, although only one will be used on the final). That boosted my confidence a bit. He then discussed energy, specifically oil, and what impacts it has on the economy. Pretty interesting stuff. Came back to my apartment at 5 and watched my roommate Cameron play Skyrim for a bit. It looks like a fun game. Listened to Katatonia's Discouraged Ones to relax though it ended up bumming me a out a bit. Internet technician came over not too long ago because our internet keeps going down, he told us that it's our modem, not the isp. Then I decided to create a LiveJournal account and here we are.

That about sums it up pretty much.


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