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So Monday rolls around and I'm still stressed. I have a hard time paying attention in class. That day it also dawned upon me that I should start studying for the LSATs soon and that stressed me out more. I talked to someone who already took the LSAT and I asked him what he did to prepare. He told me about a class he took here and that it helped him tremendously. That relieved me a bit but not a lot. When I got back home I looked up info on the class and it was roughly $1k, which is a lot but not too bad.

That day I had the idea of seeing if I could convince the people with whom Keegan would be living with to get a bigger place. I did a lot of research and hoped that I would be able to persuade them. I talked to one of them (he's my friend Zhenya) and he seemed to be interested in the proposal. However, I had to convince his other roommate Brian in order to seal the deal. I was, however, feeling optimistic and less stressed.

Made some food yadda yadda turned out to be pretty good.

I went over to Zhenya's place to talk to Brian about the living arrangement. He didn't seem too intrigued but I was feeling optimistic. 

On my way back, I talked to Keegan about the future and how I was stressed about it and I talked to him about Sunday night. Got a bit less stressed.


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