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Busy bee I have been (I guess)! Went Christmas shopping with my folks tonight, though I didn't get anything (told them I didn't need/want anything), though I didn't grab anything for anyone either because I don't really have anyone to give stuff to (nor the funds to do so anyway).

Went to the library to find some good reading material, and holy shit is my town's library selection awful. No real science books (no Darwin, only 2 Hawking books that were clearly aimed at people with no scientific knowledge whatsoever, no Sagan, etc) and the only philosophy books were bs Christian shit (fuck CS Lewis) and this neuroscience and consciousness one (the book I got). Also no classics. I wanted to read some Hemmingway and there was nothing there by him, what a joke.

Finished watching DBZ Kai with my brother, turns out it ends with Cell, so no Buu stuff. Felt like it ended rather abruptly and it had no real closure, but whatever.

Back has been getting a bit better, which is great. Started up exercising and I've been sore as hell, but that will pass soon enough. I've already lost 30 pounds since August, hope to lose another 30 before my birthday in April.

Not much else, will do another huge post soon enough (tomorrow morning/afternoon probably).


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