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Damn Thalmor
Sneaking quest as a big warrior? Not good.

Woke up at 11 and watched Scrubs up until noon. Mom made me some eggs and coffee. Decided to take a small break from Skyrim in order to play Rage. Thing is, Rage isn't too great... I guess you could say, it makes me rage L_L. Did some reading up on NDAA, --was fairly interesting-- and shared it with others. Talked with Faustino today, said he's busy all week but I doubt that. Why I even waste my time I don't know (well... I do know but whatever). Watched some Pawn Stars and DBZ with my brother and played some Skyrim. Not much else to say. Going to start exercising again tomorrow, should be good. My back has been killing me as of late, so I need to spend less time at the computer. Hopefully Sara is free tomorrow.


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