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Early Years
Might as well go chronologically with these large posts, so I'll do this one up until the beginning of middle school. Compared to the other ones I have in mind, this one will be quite a bit more sparse, since quite frankly, my childhood memory is comically bad (to the point that my friends frequently bring it up), but it'll serve its purpose for background.

I was born April 12, 1991 in Michohuacan, Mexico, in a little village called Ancihuacuaro. I was born via Cesarian section and my mom was told that it was very likely that I would be born with complications. However, that did not happen. My mom told me I was abnormally long for a newborn, and since then I have always been rather tall for my age. When I was 8 months old, my mom and I crossed the border into California. We moved in with my dad, his brother, his brother's wife, and some other relatives in Lindsay, where I spent pretty much the rest of my life growing up. I'm not sure how, but my dad was able to qualify me and my mom for legal residence by the time I was two. We moved out by the time I was 3 or so and started living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Sometime later, maybe age 3/4, I almost drowned when my parents and I went to swim in the river (this would explain my aversion to swimming for so many years). I learned how to ride a bike there -- I somewhat remember this -- by the age of 5. I really don't remember much. We moved into our current house when I was 5. I had a dog, but he ended up running away. My brother Joseph was born not too long later. Lots of blank memories as well here. I don't really have a clear picture up until I was about 10, or in 4th grade. I met my friend Ivan in 4th grade and he would remain my friend all the way through high school. We both loved to joke around and play pranks, so it was always a blast hanging out with him. He would also be one of my few friends though. 5th grade is a bit of a blur as well. All I remember was that I ended up getting in a fight because some kid popped my brother's balloon. I lost though and ended up getting a black eye. The kid ended up going to school and he kept bullying me up until high school. When my parents found out what had happened, they signed me up for karate. I didn't like it though and pleaded them to let me quit.

6th grade is about the time I figure out my sexuality. However, I kept it repressed for a while. One reason was because of religion. At this current time, I felt lonely and as if I had nothing to look to, and so religion (Catholicism) religion was what kept me comfort. However, these feelings clearly went against the teachings of the bible, so I thought that devoting more time to it would fix things. The second reason was that I noticed that it was different. Never in my life had I seen two men together, and so I thought I was weird and had something wrong with me. Toward the end of sixth grade, we went on a fieldtrip where we would stay over at this camp place for a week. It was called Sci-con. I shared a room with two of my classmates: Christian and Sean. I felt really awkward because I was clearly attracted to Sean, but had to repress it. There were no private showers, which really worried me. Ended up having to take one with Sean and some other boys. They caught me looking at him and was made fun of the rest of my time there. It was awful. This harassment continued all the way up until middle school.

Didn't have much hobbies during this time. Interest in music was pretty much non-existent during this time. I did enjoy video games quite a bit though. I played Sonic and other Genesis games over at our neighbor's house. I got an N64 when I was... 10 I think. Enjoyed the hell out of it. My first game was a Namco collection with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and a bunch of other of those games. I really took a fondness to Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Pokemon Stadium, and Goldeneye 64. These games resulted in my loyalty to Nintendo and its consoles, as I have only owned Nintendo based consoles and such games still bring back nostalgia.

Philosophy during this time was pretty much non-existent I really loved science, especially with things involving space. I was also fairly rooted in Catholicism though, and that played a fair role in determining my moral compass. 

Super long-winded stream of consciousness post, but whatever. It does it's job and it makes me feel a bit better getting these things out.


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